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Keep Warm Collection, 
For those of you who want to bring food from home, you don't have to worry about your lunch being cold until your break-time. This product is a variant of food container which is suitable use in daily activity. The main function of this container is to maintaining the temperature of the food and stay warm for up to 6 hours. This container makes food still delicious when eaten and hygienic.

One of our Equipment series, known as Travel Container (KW 0340) has won a Gold Award Achievement on Indonesia Good Design Selection 2008 in category of “Kitchen Appliances and Housekeeping Goods”. In the year 2007, we also received this achievement for the product of Container KW 0126. This product has success to enter the market and has a good designed. The Travel Container able to keep warming content as long as 6 up to 10 Hours.

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“The basic concept is to create a product for Indonesian people who likes travel, sightseeing, and together with the family or even any social gathering. In generally they like to bring extra food or side dish. This product has been developed to maximize keep the temperature of food to keep warm, with the cohesiveness of the function and practicality”
                                                                                                                                                                             – Bintang Bryandaputra (ARNISS® Product Designer) –

Features: as an integrate non spill and airtight food containers with lid. Volume: 2 x 2000 ml, high density insulation material, compact locking with clasp system, complete set with plate. The technology adopt has a double wall insulation to keep the content warm or cold using NON CFC Insulation process. Available  in 3 bright colors, Green, Orange, and White.

*The Gold Award is awarded for product with outstanding design performance, contribute in solving problems, and have a leadership on Indonesian design.