About Us


Welcome to ARNISS® world. We are experts in creating and crafting good products for you to fulfill your daily needs, more useful things, well design, comfortable to use, excellent usability and handy to its function. ARNISS® products tcan be used for anyone, whether for children, teenagers or adults, men and women, without any difficulties.

Safe, Practical, and Hygienic! This is the commitment that we promise to make our products to be used superbly for your household goods.

Safe, Made of good and safe plastic material, which is recommended for Food & Beverage storage.
Practical, Easy to use and utilize. Very efficient, and can be used for daily needs, such as lunch, picnic, and can be stored safely in the refrigerator.
Hygienic, Resistant and can’t be easily spilled or leaked, to keep the food stays fresh and clean, so it does not easily contaminated by the air or bacteria.

Each product of ARNISS® always offers something different with creating something new and innovative, as well as having the best quality and price, very affordable to everyone.

It has been almost 30 years since we started our journey. A modest beginning with a marvelous dream. Empowered by dedication, we set sail towards our vision. Nothing comes effortlessly. Striving to be the best has never just been a state of mind, but is our habit proven by the quality of our products and services.

It is a great accomplishment for us to earn the respect and reputation amongst our customers as a world-class plastic Houseware product manufacturer. We would like to continue to grow not only within the industry but also to the enhancement of customer satisfaction and our contribution to social and community development. With the support of our each and every valued customer and member of the company, we will continue to realize more dreams, develop innovative solutions and triumph over the coming challenges.

In April, year 2002 we starting to develop and produce our own brand to the market. That we cater for national and overseas market. We believe with our expertise, experienced in plastic technology our ARNISS® brand has different market to established.