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Lets Reuse

“Most of the waste plastic is from plastic bottles and plastic bags as much as 56% with ¾ comes from housing, and every single minute of it there are 2 million plastic bags are discarded..

Every day, some of major cities produces more than 60.000 tons of domestic plastic waste which mostly come from packaging of food and beverages. Currently, 500 million to 1 billion plastic bags used worldwide each year. Only some of them get managed in the right way, while the rest cover the river or even piling up at the garbage disposal.

Those piles of waste generate the growing of bacteria causing diseases and flooding, due the impact of the clogged drains. Plastic trash bags can contaminate soil, water, sea, and even air.

Realized that the plastic would takes 300-500 years to decompose or break down perfectly. Therefore, we should be more concerned about sustainable and better living.

Let's Reuse ECO-Lifestyle© is our program in greening movement. ARNISS® products have strong value and good functional design, making our products durable, and can be used repeatedly.

4R; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover. Those are the principles that are applied to our lifestyle.

Reduce; Reduce the use of excessive materials and energy. ARNISS® is a durable product. By using ARNISS® it means we reduce the use of packaging products / disposable plastic containers.

Reuse; Use the returned items which still worth to be used. All ARNISS® products are durable, so it can be reused (use repeatedly).

Recycle; Choose products that can be recycled. Most of ARNISS® basic material is from used materials that can be recycled.

Recover; Replace disposable items with durable items. Begin to replace your disposable products with ARNISS® products, which have good durability, practical for daily use, hygienic, and very safe for food and beverages.

Let’s save the earth and our environment. As we all know the biggest problem in this world today is the collision of global warming, one of the causes is the huge amount of wasting goods we use every day..

From now on try to using durable & reusable containers to keep your food and beverages..

“Bring your own bottle/tumbler. We could reduce 2.7 million tons of waste plastic used by bottle water for each year!”